Autumn Day
Leaves falling
Winds blowing
I sit on the porch in a haze.
The sun sets in an orange blaze.
I collect leaves....
Orange, red, brown!
They all fall without a sound.
Oh, what BEAUTIFUL days.

Soft-footed kitten, black as night
Moves closer, no intention to fight
His little paws are tinged with white
His steps are small and really light
I might keep him, I really might
But then the little, scared kitten
Runs out of sight!

Ode to my sisters
Little baby- oh, so sweet!
Just what I wanted.... a tiny treat.
Crawling here, crawling there,
Crawling everywhere,
Cutie pie, touch the sky.
Tiny face, tiny hands,
The kind of baby that you'd want to land.
Little baby- oh, so sweet!
The cutest little, tiny treat!

Sparkling dewdrops rest on a flower.
Rain comes down in a dazzling shower.
Old Grandfather Clock strikes the hour....

All signs of Spring.

In the trees sit birds who are singing.
All around, snow is melting.
Ooh, I think Spring is coming....

All signs of Spring.

I'm sure you've understood
That while the going's good
You have no time to spare.
Though all is nice
There is one spice
You have one fare.
You must take care of that
Old Chestnut mare
That Papa has given you,
Little Ellen Sue.
His name is Bubbles....
And he has many troubles.
Feed him apples,
Clean his bridle,
Clean his saddle.
Do all of that and don't dawdle.
Now take care, Ellen Sue,
Take care of the mare that Papa gave you!

Ring, Ring! Time for school1!
School is really fun and cool!
I hurry into the building;
Other kids are pushing and shoving.
"Sit down; don't dawdle," says Miss O'nool.
Kids sit on the carpet in a mass,
I sit straight and tall....
Ready for class!